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Benz to increase service center by 50% in 5 years

As the domestic imported car market grows, each imported car company is expanding its network and increasing its contact point with customers. In particular, Mercedes-Benz Korea is expanding its scale with remarkable results in terms of network growth.

Mercedes-Benz Korea added six sales and service networks last year alone. In particular, in the case of service centers that have a great influence on brand satisfaction indicators, Mercedes-Benz Korea has 76 centers, up 49% in about five years, boasting the highest level in the domestic imported car industry. Mercedes-Benz Korea’s top sales in the domestic imported car market for six consecutive years is said to be the result of efforts to increase customer satisfaction as well as excellence of Mercedes-Benz products.

Mercedes-Benz Korea is considering allowing domestic Mercedes-Benz customers to experience premium services with better accessibility through network expansion and renewal not only in Seoul but also nationwide.

The most recently opened network is the Mokpo exhibition hall and service center, which was introduced on the 5th, which strengthened the network in the southwestern part of Jeollanam-do and enhanced accessibility of local customers. Mokpo Exhibition Hall and Service Center (Jin Motors, 171, Samhak-ro, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do) is adjacent to Mokpo Station, which connects the north and south of Honam, and Baekseondae-daero, which passes east and west of Mokpo, providing excellent access to customers in Mokpo as well as nearby areas such as Sinan-gun and Haenam-gun.

Mokpo Exhibition Hall and Service Center, located in a total floor area of 1830㎡ (about 553 pyeong), provide a “one-stop service” through the first and second floors. The service center located on the first floor provides quick and professional maintenance and general maintenance services for about 30 vehicles a day, and a total of eight new cars are displayed in the exhibition hall on the second floor, allowing you to receive professional counseling while comparing various vehicles. Inside the exhibition hall, there is an ocean view waiting room with a view of the southern sea at a glance, giving visitors a special experience.
Along with the Mokpo exhibition hall and service center, the Gangnam “Sinsa Service Center” in Seoul alone, the Suwon “Kwonseon Service Center” in Gyeonggi-do, and the “Gwangju Suwan Exhibition Center and Service Center” in Jeolla-do were newly opened this year.

Mercedes-Benz Korea’s customer service is not just about expanding its network. In the development of the digital environment and the special situation of COVID-19, the online service environment is being established and improved so that customers can use Mercedes-Benz’s premium service even in non-face-to-face.

Mercedes-Benz Korea introduced ‘Sales Touch’, an integrated digital sales platform that can be used as a mobile or tablet from application for a test drive to a contract in 2019. In 2020, the digital platform ‘Digital Service Drive’ was launched and expanded to allow online reservation of official service centers, real-time communication with service personnel, and digital work preparation checks on the online web.

On top of that, last month, it introduced a new “CitNOW” service that allows customers to check the results of vehicle diagnosis and repair explained by the service center’s advisor or technician in a video.

Mercedes-Benz Korea plans to establish an environment where customers can enjoy digital services regardless of time and place, and further expand it to strengthen service convenience as well as the value of customer experience.

Mercedes-Benz Korea ranked first in the global brand category for five consecutive years in the “2022 Korea Consumer Awards” organized by the Korea Consumer Association in June, and in July, it was selected as the No. 1 service company in the “Import Car Sales Point” and “Import Certified Used Car” category.

In October last year, the 2021 Korea Quality Satisfaction Index (KS-QEI) was released by the Korea Standards Association and the Korea Quality Management Association It has been ranked first in the AS category of imported cars for six consecutive years, and is recognized for its service quality.